Vernon Family Farm chickens spend time outdoors and are treated humanely.

Our chicken cuts include:

  • broiler (whole chicken)
  • boneless breast
  • bone-in breast
  • boneless thigh
  • bone-in thigh
  • drumsticks
  • wings
  • ground meat
  • sausage (curry, hot italian, maple, chorizo, andoullie)
  • liver, heart, gizzard
  • bone broth (plain, turmeric-ginger, lemongrass-ginger and gluten free soy sauce)  
  • bones and necks
  • chicken skin

Our chicken is:

  • fresh or frozen
  • non-GMO 
  • pasture raised
  • antibiotic and hormone free
  • Air Chilled
  • USDA certified
  • Halal certified 






    Rotisserie chicken

    For a VFF rotisserie chicken catering quote, email us at: