Vernon Family Farm chickens are happy chickens because they spend time outdoors and are treated humanely.

Our chicken is:

  • fresh or frozen
  • non-GMO 
  • pasture raised
  • antibiotic and hormone free
  • Air Chilled
  • USDA certified
  • Halal certified 

Our chicken cuts include:

  • broiler (whole chicken)
  • boneless breast
  • bone-in breast
  • boneless thigh
  • bone-in thigh
  • drumsticks
  • wings
  • ground meat
  • sausage (curry, hot italian, maple, chorizo)
  • liver, heart, gizzard
  • bone broth
  • bones and necks
  • chicken skin

Enjoy a rotisserie chicken! Our rotisserie chicken is prepared with the help of 3 Brother’s Marketplace and Stock and Spice. Check out our FaceBook and Instagram pages for meal prep and recipe ideas.

Thank you to the Seacoast School of Technology’s Welding class for collaborating with us to build our rotisserie. We have rotisserie chicken available at the Exeter Farmer’s Markets every Thursday and at many of our on farm events.

For a VFF rotisserie chicken catering quote, email us at: