Community Supported Agriculture


Community Supported Agriculture is a great way to help support the farm. A struggle many farms are faced with is high expenses during the early months of buying seeds, planting, and working to raise healthy food before it's ready for sale. To help alleviate this stress, CSA programs have gained popularity.

Our CSA is a flexible, debit style CSA. Customers appreciate this type of CSA because it gives them choice about what to buy, when to buy and where to buy. Use your CSA card just like a debit card!

  • Invest $300 and receive $18 extra, that's a 6% match!

  • Invest $500 and receive $45 extra, that's a 9% match!

  • Invest $700 and receive $84 extra, that's a 12% match.

Our CSA lasts the entire year. Feel free to re-up your CSA once you spend it down! Use your CSA at the farmer's markets or at our farm store. At our farm store (open daily 9am-6pm), you can count on the freshest, local ingredients. We stock our store with our own products plus other local farm products so that our store can be more of a one-stop shop for your grocery needs. 


Available every day:

~Chicken (nongmo, pastured, hormone/antibiotic free, halal certified, usda inspected, nitrite/nitrate free, air chilled)


~Chicken Soup

~Chicken Pot pie

~PORK (pastured/forested) 

~Beef (grassfed) 

~Shiitake and Oyster Mushrooms (organically grown) 


~Maple SyruP

~Local cheeses

~Milk, cream, yogurt, kefir

~Ferments (sauerkraut, Beetkraut, Kimchi, applekraut) 

~Eggs (pastured/Organically grained)



~BBQ sauces and Mustards

~inseason produce (potatos, onions, carrots)

~sourdough bread (select saturday am)

~vida tortilla shells

~meat sticks (jerky)

 Available in the Spring/Summer:

~all items above

~Seasonal Fruit

~Seasonal Veggies

~Adding more items in Summer 2019! Stay tuned!