We raise our oyster and shiitake mushrooms in a fruiting room which allows for year round production. Our mushrooms are propagated in sawdust blocks and take approximately two weeks to fruit.

Oyster Mushrooms

We raise two strains of oyster mushrooms: Grey Dove and Golden. Oyster mushrooms are some of the more delicate/mild flavored mushrooms. Enjoy them during the warmer months.                       

Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are only available during the colder months due to the spores being unable to survive warm weather shipping from our provider, Field and Forest Products. Shiitakes are a strong flavored mushroom that add a lot of flavor to a dish.

Enjoy them during the colder months. 

Not sure how to prepare mushrooms? Ask us about our favorite recipes.

*Eating raw mushrooms may lead to gastric distress.